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Life-Changing Benefits of Summer Learning Programs for Kids

June 26th, 2019

Little girl making a heart with her painted hands

Summer learning programs can be life-changing for children… and their families. Providing a wide range of benefits from social/emotional development to reduced summer learning loss, summer programs offer invaluable opportunities which allow children to grow in many new ways. A national study by the American Camp Association confirmed that camp helps children build skills necessary […]


Summer Learning Loss

April 11th, 2016

Two little girls reading a book while laying on green grass in the summertime

The school year is coming to an end; soon it will be time for fun in the sun and family vacations. No one is more excited than the kids, who are ready for endless playtime. While it’s important to let them be kids and enjoy their time off, it’s also important to incorporate some education […]


Benefits of Early Childhood Education

August 18th, 2018

Little boy with book. Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Young children are like sponges, soaking in the world around them. Every experience has the potential to leave a lasting impression on their minds and values. For years, studies have shown that early childhood education has a major impact on a child’s future. Unfortunately, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, as of 2015, […]


Reading with Preschoolers – Tips for Parents

July 21st, 2018

Kids reading together

The development of literacy skills—including reading, writing, and comprehension—are critical to a child’s future success, both in school and in life. According to a joint position statement of the International Literacy Association and the NAEYC— “Although reading and writing abilities continue to develop throughout the lifespan, the early childhood years—from birth through age eight—are the […]


From Pre-K to Kindergarten: Tips for a Smooth Transition

August 16th, 2017

Woman walking little girl to first day of school.

Starting kindergarten can be intimidating, even for children who have experienced an early education program. While preschool helps prepare little ones both socially and academically for school, the first days in a new school or classroom are often both exciting and scary. These tips can make the transition as smooth as possible for both you […]


How to Fit Family Time into Your Busy Schedule

March 12th, 2017

Woman and young child reading book

Hectic schedules can make it difficult for families to find time to spend together. Time goes by so incredibly quickly that, before you know it, the kids will be grown up and out on their own! Don’t let the years slip through your fingers. These easy to follow tips will help you make the most […]


Why Are Routines Important for Preschoolers?

March 12th, 2017

routine for kids

As children grow, constant changes in everyday life can throw them for a loop causing stress and anxiety about what is to come. Instead of voicing these concerns, children will often act out in other ways leading to power struggles and tantrums (or major meltdowns). Sticking to routines whenever possible can help avoid the struggles […]