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How Do Comfort Objects Help Your Child’s Development?

December 17th, 2020

Do you remember your first baby shower? The anticipation is mounting as your due date is right around the corner. Friends and family break the ice sharing photos and stories of their own. Everyone contributes a gift to help prepare you for the next chapter in your life. You can expect practical strollers, adorable onesies, […]


Daycare vs Preschool: What’s the Difference?

October 22nd, 2020

Young children playing with toys in classroom

Are you looking for early learning options for your toddler? Do you work full-time and need childcare? Perhaps you’re looking for something that incorporates early childhood education into your child’s care. Daycare and preschool operate under the same general guidelines, but there are marked differences between the two services. So which should you choose? It […]


Early Learning During COVID-19

April 7th, 2020

A mother helps her daughter with homework

With social-distancing policy in place, we are all experiencing a time of uncertainty and worry. Non-essential businesses and public institutions must close to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But where does that leave us as parents? With schools closing across the country, some for the rest of the school year, there is a […]


Signs of Bullying (and How To Prevent It)

July 6th, 2020

I Say NO to Bullying!

Is your child suddenly reluctant to attend school? Taking sick days, showing up tardy, or skipping all together? According to, avoiding school, slipping grades, and losing friendships could all be signs that your child is experiencing bullying. Do you suspect your child is being bullied? Read on to learn what to watch for and […]


Flu Prevention: Teaching Your Child About Handwashing

February 11th, 2020

A mother and daugher wash hands together

Are you tired of being sick and tired? If so, you may want to think twice about reaching for the hand sanitizer. Behavioral specialist, Jaralee Annice Metcalf, recently joined forces with special education teacher, Dayna Robertson, to conduct a classroom experiment testing the efficacy of antibacterial hand sanitizer versus traditional soap and water against the […]


The Importance of Teaching Toddlers Gratitude

December 9th, 2019

Grandmother and Kids Sitting in a Rose Garden

Have you ever been told to “stop and smell the roses?” The phrase is a familiar call to take a moment to appreciate the little things in life. As an adult, you may think the takeaway is to slow down, but really the emphasis is to appreciate small joys. Appreciation paves the way to gratitude. […]


Benefits of Early Childhood Education

August 18th, 2018

Little boy with book. Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Young children are like sponges, soaking in the world around them. Every experience has the potential to leave a lasting impression on their minds and values. For years, studies have shown that early childhood education has a major impact on a child’s future. Unfortunately, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, as of 2015, […]


Reading with Preschoolers – Tips for Parents

July 21st, 2018

Kids reading together

The development of literacy skills—including reading, writing, and comprehension—are critical to a child’s future success, both in school and in life. According to a joint position statement of the International Literacy Association and the NAEYC— “Although reading and writing abilities continue to develop throughout the lifespan, the early childhood years—from birth through age eight—are the […]