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Life-Changing Benefits of Summer Learning Programs for Kids

June 26th, 2019

Summer learning programs can be life-changing for children… and their families. Providing a wide range of benefits from social/emotional development to reduced summer learning loss, summer programs offer invaluable opportunities which allow children to grow in many new ways.

A national study by the American Camp Association confirmed that camp helps children build skills necessary in becoming successful adults. Here are just a few of the many skills your child may develop at summer camp.

Social Skills

Summer camp offers young children the opportunity to develop social skills in an environment different from their normal school or home environment. This unique environment allows kids to build new relationships, develop leadership skills, and practice managing conflict.

These skills are extremely important in managing relationships in all stages of life. From sibling squabbles to spousal disagreements… trouble at school to trouble at work…the ability to navigate problems and cooperate with others plays a significant role in keeping healthy, happy relationships.

Emotional Skills

Summer camp programs also provide a spectacular setting for emotional development. By leaving their comfort zones and exploring new interests, children are able to build self-awareness and independence. As they learn new things, overcome challenges, and accomplish new goals, they also gain confidence which is extremely important to a child’s growth and happiness. According to the American Camp Association study, 70 percent of parents reported that their child gained self-confidence. Campers also responded saying the people at camp helped them feel good about themselves (92%) and they had done things they were originally afraid to do (72%).

Educational Benefits

Summer learning programs are a great way to fight the “Summer Slide”. Without educational engagement during the summer break, students can lose about a month of what they learned throughout the school year. Summer camp programs reduce this loss by providing a mix of fun and educational activities that allow students to think critically and continue to keep their brains active throughout the summer months.

Benefits of Summer Day Camp

In addition to the points mentioned above, day camp programs, like those offered at the Learning Tree Academy, also provide benefits unique to the day camp experience. Day camp provides the camp experience for children who are not ready for a residential camp program. If they are too young or too anxious about being away from home, a day camp program can provide all of the benefits of a residential camp without added stress and anxiety. Day camps also help create the foundation needed for successful longer-term experiences away from home. Spending the day at summer camp can help children build the confidence and security to spend longer periods away from home. Day camps also allow for a partnership between the camp and camper’s parents. Parents and camp staff can work together to encourage children to grow and accomplish goals.

At Learning Tree Academy, we believe early education play a vital role in the future of our children. We offer several programs for families seeking quality education and care for their little ones. Serving children from the age of 6 weeks to 12 years old, there are different approaches within each classroom to give your child a head start in education, and in life! Click here to learn more about our early learning programs!