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How to Fit Family Time into Your Busy Schedule

March 12th, 2017

Hectic schedules can make it difficult for families to find time to spend together. Time goes by so incredibly quickly that, before you know it, the kids will be grown up and out on their own! Don’t let the years slip through your fingers. These easy to follow tips will help you make the most of your time together.

  • Prioritize – Set up a to do list in order of importance and complete the most important tasks early. This way, if you get behind, you’ll be left with tasks that may be able to wait until the following day. Just remember, sometimes it’s ok to relax and let go of the small stuff!
  • Plan ahead – Schedule your day, or week, as much as you can to avoid wasting time making unnecessary trips back and forth. Plan meals, make lists, and try to run errands all at once.
  • Get organized – Don’t waste time searching for keys, jackets, or shoes. Set up baskets, bins, etc. to make sure everything is where it should be. Check us out on Pinterest for ideas to help you get organized!
  • Let the kids help – Seriously… let them help. Not only will assigning age appropriate chores to your children save you some time, it will also provide some important benefits to your children. Chores teach kids responsibility and basic skills they will need as adults. As an extra advantage, some chores even give kids the opportunity to work together.
  • Meal Prep – Along with planning meals in advance, early preparation can also be a huge time saver on busy days! Visit our Meal Prep for Moms board on Pinterest for some awesome meal prep ideas to get you through the week!
  • Take what you can get – Don’t waste an opportunity to bond as a family. Discuss your day during mealtimes, read a book together at bedtime, play games or sing songs during car rides. If the opportunity is there, take it!

Keep in mind, vacations and family outings are great ways to make memories, but the simple everyday moments are just as important.

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